The ability to attract new investors in your public company has become challenging than ever before. Successful small-cap, midcap, and large-cap public companies are beginning to realize the potential of email advertising as a tool to attract new investors. We provide successful small-cap, midcap, and large-cap public companies a full-service marketing and advertising solution to help reach institutional investors and/or accredited individual retail investors directly. We have access to the best investor relations email lists at the lowest possible costs.

Dozens of targeted accredited investor email lists are analyzed and selected specifically for your campaigns. We target institutional investor lists such as Investment Advisor, Pensions & investments etc.

Our Services Consist Of:

Email Marketing Lists
Full Creative Deployment Services
Newsletter, Copyrighting and Creative Design
Campaign Tracking
Material Development: Website, Corporate Packages, Brochures, etc.
Our services has worked very well for many stock brokers, certified financial planners, financial advisory services, investment newsletters, stock promoters, financial institutions and third party owners.

We shall be continually updating our investor lists, thereby making your stock promotion campaigns very effective. Boosting your stocks potential by informing potential stock investors about your company is doing is the best way to promote your company to potential investors worldwide. Email marketing is the best tool available for most small publicly held companies, which do not get the exposure of a fortune 500 company. Promoting your stocks via email marketing is the most cost effective way to increase daily volume.